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Other names:  Shih-Tzu

BREED: Tibetan Shih Tzu
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The Shih-Tzu is a small and vigorous dog. It has a Wide and rounded head. Its nose is small, squared and black. Its hanging ears are quite long they are all covered with hair. It has big, rounded and dark eyes. Its chest is wide and deep. The Shih-Tzu ´s legs are strong and short. The tail is tall, very populated with tall hair. The peculiarity of this dog is that some hair falls from its head to its chin and sideburns. Over the nose the hair grows upside falling together over the chin. The coat is straight its colors are brown, sand and with different tones of white.

The only special cares that this breed needs are related to its hair. It is easy to educate and doesn’t need other cares. Awaken and active, the little Shih- Tzu is smart and obedient. Even though it shows some independence, he loves his masters and appreciates the cares it receives from them. It is charming and strong, of a strong character, sometimes even arrogant.

Awaken and active the little Shih Tzu is smart and obedient . Although it shows som signs of independence it loves its masters very much and appreciates the cares offered to him. It is strong and charming, has a great temperament, it can even be sometimes arrogant.

The lion Tibetan Dog AKA Shi-Tzu is originated in the far East. Its origin is related with the Buddhist religion. During the XVIth century, this breed entered the temple as a present from the Chinese court. It was employed as a companion dog.

It is considered to be a perfect dog for the house. It has a great temperament and character.


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